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EU study: Monetary value of biogas goes far beyond pure energy value

Freising - Germany.

The added value of biogas or biomethane is far more than that of the kilowatt hour of gas, electricity or heat produced. This is the conclusion of a study of the European Biogas Association (EBA). Environmental effects play an important role here: the avoidance of greenhouse gases, the provision of fertiliser and in the long term, the generation of biogenic CO2.

Brussels. The financial benefits of biogas/biomethane in the EU27 and the UK range from €38 to €78 billion in 2030 and could increase to €133 to €283 billion per year by 2050. This is the result of the recent study "Beyond energy: monetising biomethane's whole system benefits" by the European Biogas Association EBA.
According to this study, the added value of the so-called external effects of biogas production lies between 8.4 and 17.5 ct/kWh. In addition to the environmental aspects mentioned above, this is based on the creation of jobs in rural areas and energy security. "The EBA study gives energy security a monetary value for the first time," explains Dr. Stefan Rauh, managing director of the German Biogas Association. The energy shortage in recent months has made everyone aware of the importance of energy security for Germany and Europe. The EBA study quantifies this with up to 7.5 ct/kWh.

Currently, biogas and biomethane plant operators are primarily remunerated for their energy provision via support or market-based mechanisms. The additional effects - besides safety, these are primarily the positive environmental effects of anaerobic digestion and the value of the plants for rural areas - are not sufficiently rewarded by political decision-makers and not sufficiently recognised by society, criticises the EBA.

EBA Secretary General Giulia Cancian says: "This report documents the added value of biomethane for our society, which goes far beyond the provision of renewable energy. The biomethane industry, policy makers and regulators need to work closely together to fully realise these benefits.”

Stefan Rauh demands that policy-makers in Europe, but above all also decision-makers in Germany, the biogas market leader, must finally take into account this value of external effects when shaping the future energy supply.

Looking at the pure energy production costs is clearly not enough.

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