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Export promotion

Germany is recognized as a worldwide pioneer in biogas technology. In order to support the international activities of some 600-member companies of GBA, the International Affairs department carries out a wide variety of activities:
    • Active participation in the strategy advisory council of the Energy Export Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economy (BMWi), which is responsible for selecting focus countries.
    • Through the International Working Group, GBA supports member companies with information about new, interesting biogas markets and their developments. Furthermore, the companies are invited to actively participate in the exchange of information.
    • GBA’s marketplace offers opportunities for networking and establishing contacts with German biogas companies and consultants as well as interested people all over the world to develop new projects.
    • GBA’s employees travel the world, giving lectures on biogas as well as the development and experience of the biogas industry in Germany. The main objective of these trips is to promote biogas technology in international markets.
    • GBA welcomes international delegations at its headquarters in Freising. We offer lectures and presentations on the German biogas experience and a visit to a nearby biogas plant for delegations.
    • GBA produces publications adapted for international audiences, such as Biowaste to Biogas (2016), Safety first! (2016) and Biogas to Biomethane (2017), which are now in high demand in developing biogas markets. Member companies can advertise their services and products in these publications, which are widely distributed abroad.
    • During the annual Biogas Convention, GBA organizes lectures and workshops in English (or with simultaneous interpretation) for international guests. The topic selection of these lectures is oriented to current international trends for biogas.

    For specific information or inquiries regarding international markets, please contact us:

Europe & North America

Sebastian Stolpp
Head of International Affairs
Sebastian Stolpp

Africa and Asia

Frank Hofmann
International Affairs
Frank Hofmann

Latin America