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The Policy Department has the following tasks:
    • Development, preparation and communication of suggested measures for the optimization and further development in the use of bioenergy
    • Creation and implementation of political strategies and campaigns
    • Providing guidance for the legislative process in the area of energy policy
    • Contact for representatives of the German parliament [Bundestag], members of the Federal Council [Bundesrat] and the federal ministries
    • Coordinating the Berlin office for Bioenergy, an initiative of several German associations, i.e. Bundesverband Bioenergie e.V., Deutscher Bauernverband e.V., Fachverband Biogas e.V. and Fachverband Holzenergie e.V.
    • Coordinating the cooperation with other associations
    • Political media and public relations
Sandra Rostek
Head of Berlin Office
Sandra Rostek
Dr. Guido Ehrhardt
Head of Policy
Dr. Guido Ehrhardt