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International Webinar: Feedstock, Biowaste & Digestate | 12:00 PM CET


This 120-minute Webinar is the fourth part of international Webinars, which are offered by the Fachverband Biogas Service GmbH. In this part we will discuss three different subjects. First biogas feedstocks, such as animal and vegetable by-products, commercial and organic household waste and energy crops are described including their common characteristics and the advantages, disadvantages of their use. In addition, we will focus on biowaste. The preparation of waste as well as the collection and AD technology for organic waste will be discussed. The webinar concludes presenting the use of digestate and biogas depending on the different feeding materials used. The nutrient content of digestate, as well as its application, upgrading and digestate marketing will be offered. Further digestate certification schemes and legal frameworks are presented. In addition to the technical presentations, reports from practice are also provided.

After the lecture, there will be enough time to discuss your personal questions.

Both lectures will be spoken by Marc Reinhard. Every participant in this webinar receives a confirmation of participation in accordance with the general terms and conditions from the Fachverband Biogas Service GmbH and can use this as proof of further training.

Participation fee € 119.00 inclusive VAT
We look forward to your participation!