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Inquiries for project or sales partners, manufacturers, planners or investors can be posted at the „Project cooperation“ site. Inquiries can be posted by anyone but can only be read by members of the German Biogas Association.

Posting an offer
If you want to post an offer please proceed as follows: Complete the input fields; check all entries carefully and then confirm them. Please also read and confirm the General Conditions of Use. You will be sent an e-mail with the data entered by you. An administrator will make your offer viewable as soon as possible; however, this can take up to three working days. When activated, all business members of the German Biogas Association can view your entry and if they are interested contact the person whose name you have given. Offers once posted cannot be changed. If you find a mistake in your offer, you can send the link in this mail, whereupon your offer will be deleted, and you can post another offer.

Your offer will remain viewable for as long as you specify, but not longer than three months after activation.

Input fields