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Eco innovations from biomass

Kongress Eco innovations from biomass

The aim of the congress is to provide an international platform for the exchange of knowledge about the bio-economy in the non-food sector and to discuss strategies for an efficient material utilization and energy recovery from biomass and residues according to the concept of a closed substance cycle. Presentations will be made on successful bottom-up concepts and current findings from research and practice concerning new green routes, biomaterials, biorefining, procedures for recovering nutrients and algae production as well as paludicultures. Companies will present »eco-innovative« product developments.

Key subjects 2017:
• Resources and bioeconomy
• Liquid manure and digestate - use of by-products and other residues
• Paludiculture - sustainable and climate-friendly land-use of organic soils
• new green routes with algae
• biomaterials and products
Companies, knowledge and research institutes are kindly invited to submit posters or to participate as exhibitors.